Baseball on Buh

Welcome Brest “Буг”, a new baseball center on the Belarus Baseball map! Minsk hosted a two-day tournament “Snowball Cup” featuring BC Minsk both teams, and newly addition to a Belarus baseball family: Brest “Буг”. BC Minsk-2 won both games and was victorious in the first “Snowball Cup”. Brest “Буг” team consisted of experienced players who are ambitious to win Belarus Championship in 2017. 
Will TV station “Буг” be the first to become an official sponsor” of Brest “Буг” team? 


BC Minsk wins InterLiga 2016 campaign

On October 1st and 2nd in the InterLiga finals “BC Minsk” first won Kiev “Shmeli” and then St. Petersburg “Northern Stars” with identical score 12:2 to take League’s title. It has been a successful season for BC Minsk , first retaining a place in Euro Cups in 2017 representing Belarus, then winning a National Championship and regional international competition InterLiga. Besides BC “Minsk” , Belarus baseball club Skidel “Sugar Storm” participated in InterLiga and was placed the 5th. Radio Svobodi put a great photo summary together at . Complete results at


“BREST CUP-2016”

Brest Zubrs for the 6th year hosted an international youth baseball tournament “Brest Cup” for 12 year olds, sponsored by city’s mayor ( Sep 29th – Oct 2nd). Twelve teams from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Transnistria took part. The winners of the tournament are 1st Moscow “Northern Stars” 2nd Balashiha “Tigers” 3rd BC “Vilnius”.

Sugar Storm in the news

Baseball players from Sugar Storm are dreaming about the Olympics

В Скиделе любительская команда по бейсболу «Сахарный шторм» мечтает о поездке на Олимпиаду-2020


Влад Ильин и Алех Лукашевич из Брестких Зубров на сборе МЛБ в Германии пMLBEliteCampод наблюдением Берри Ларкина и Стива Финли. У обоих молодых бейсболистов Беларуси несомненный талант  и заслуга тренерского состава Зубров.  Молодым игрокам,  когда Влад и Алех вернутся не стесняйтесь расспросить о всем том что они узнали.